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New date for the the popular:

1-Day Intensive Self Publishing Course For African /African Caribbean Writers Who Want To Publish Successfully! 
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Monday, 21 November 2011

Who Created Rock N Roll.. as well as
scientific inventions...?

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For more Information on all the inventors mention purchase the
Black Scientists & Inventors Book series
A message to recording artiste: poets, singers and rappers. What would your careers look like without the inventive minds of Granville T Woods and Dr James West ? 

 For more Information on Granville T Woods
purchase Black Scientists & Inventors Book 1 at  

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Things That Make You Go Mmmm!!

Black Inventor - Jesse Russell

Other Black Scientists & Inventors can be found at this link:

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Friday, 4 November 2011

An Important Note to Potential Wannabe - Self Publishing Authors

Many of you will know by now that BIS Publications ( set up a sister company BIS Publishing Courses ( and during 2011 started delivering publishing courses for authors who want to self publish successfully.

For the last few years we have experienced a noticeable increase in the amount of manuscripts sent to us on a daily basis. They come at a time when more and more bookshops and book-chains are closing down around in the UK. In the last few years we have seen the closure of Borders UK, Books etc. Ottakar's, which was taken over by Waterstones and then the reduction of Waterstones branches. Specialist bookshops in the African / African Caribbean community have not faired any better as many of them have also closed down over the last few years.

I mention the above as an introduction to why we set up the publishing courses. It is our belief that even, though for some this could be the hardest time to try and get their book(s) published for others this is a great and exciting time to have their book(s) published. This could be a great and exciting time for you to if you know what you are doing.

We set up the BIS Publishing Courses is to help all of those who have been sending their manuscripts to publishers with the hope that they will publish their work. Unfortunately this becomes more of a dream than a reality. There are many reasons publishers will not take on authors work, believe it or not most times it’s not due to the work (manuscripts it self). Some of the reasons are highlighted on our courses (

You may be thinking that with bookshops shutting down and many publishers not signing authors, so what’s the point in writing a book?
Remember what I said earlier, that this is a hard time for some, but great and exciting time for others. As a self-published author you can save yourself a lot of time and heartache if you know what you are doing. Technology has made becoming a successfully self-published author so much easier than any other time in history.

On the BIS Publishing courses we will show you how using modern technology you can self publish successfully even if your a technophobe. We will show you the most cost effective ways to publish your book and also show you how to reap huge profits from the sales of your book, plus much much more.

A Message to BIS Publishing Courses Previous Attendees

Those of you who have attended our courses should remember that we always stress that you know what your exit strategy plan is even before you start on your self-publishing journey.

We also stress that you understand thoroughly the market that your book is intended for, that you Focus, Commit, Act and Don’t Give Up!.

It disappoints me very much when I hear of anyone who has been on our courses and feel excited by what they have heard and learnt whilst they were there, but when they leave within a very short period of time their excitement and enthusiasm disappears. They loose their focus and then allow other things to become priority.

This results in them becoming less committed to their project and even allowing naysayers to talk them out of their dreams. Some will try and fool themselves by saying that they will get back on it tomorrow, next week, next month and even next year. Well next year turns into 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and before they know it the dream of having their book published never happens and the sad fact was that no one stopped them from achieving their dream but them.

Procrastination is the biggest killer of potential best-selling author’s dreams, it will steal away your dream without you even knowing it. Procrastination can happen for many reasons some of the most common, which I have found are confidence, fear, (I can’t do that, attitude), it’s too expensive, fear of failure and being criticized.

I believe the procrastination reasons can all be summed up as a lack of CONFIDENCE. The best cure for lack of confidence is Get Up, Stand Up and TRY! If you make a mistake you can only learn from it and get better, I was once told that failure is just one half of success, this is something I have taken to heart and always try to remember when things don't go to plan - you can try this to.
Let me leave you with this:

Take Positive Action Now!

  1. Attend the BIS Publishing Courses (
  2. If you’re the type of person who thinks the courses are expensive; try to change your mindset and see it from the point of view of an investment in making your dream of being published a reality.
  3. If you have been on any of our courses don’t give up continue the momentum.
  4. If you have lost momentum come on the course again and refresh and regain momentum.
  5. If you have completed the 1 Day Intensive for African/ African-Caribbean Writers who want to self Publish Successfully and now wondering how your going to sell your book register for the How to Market and Sell your book(s) and Create the Demand.
  6. Follow BIS Publications on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  7. Bookmark this blog-site and return to it frequently as we will post up useful tips and advice.

I hope this helps and I look forward to reading your book(s) soon. Please note we still have a few places on the last 2 BIS Publishing courses of 2011 also please take advantage of the Early Bird Prices which ends on 5th November.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

BIS Publications' Presents Gifted Hands

I attended this event (21/10/11) and it's a brilliant film based on a true story! Very inspiring! I identify with his mother, I implore everyone to see this film or read the book! We had a good Q & A after and I met some lovely people there! Please support this company doing valuable work! Thank you Michael for such an informative and enjoyable event! Well done! - Audrey Ennever (Educational Consultant).

Information about Dr. Ben Carson can also be found in the Black Scientists & Inventors Book 3 .

Saturday, 22 October 2011

BIS Publications Presents Screening and Presentation of Gifted Hands- the Ben Carson Story

On Friday 21st October we screened the excellent film Gifted Hands. This film is extremely a positive inspirational and motivational film. The film is a biography of one of the worlds leading neurosurgeons Dr. Ben Carson. Dr. Carson also features in Michael Williams' best-selling Black Scientists and Inventors. If you want to know more our about him and other great black scientists, inventors, engineers and healers purchase a copy from the series at:

Hip Hop Black Scientists & Inventors at Congress House - TUC

Dues to the huge success of the Hip Hop Black Scientist and Inventors we repeated the event a week later (19th October 2011) but this time in conjunction with SERTUC at the TUC. Once again the event went extremely well. The feedback we received from the audience was great.


Hi all, Went to my first BIS event last night - brilliant. If you get the chance, take it and attend. Michael is very inspiring and knows his stuff with regard to science and inventors. The info given out about these (mostly unknown) scientists and inventors was amazing. - Avril

Friday, 14 October 2011

HIP HOP Black Scientists & Inventors

The HIP HOP Black Scientists & Inventors event was a huge success even with some technical problems we had a the beginning. Due to popular demand we will be presenting this event again during this Black History Month. So if you missed it the first time around or would like to attend it again, please stay tuned. You can also email us to let us know that you would like to come along to the next one at


I attended the presentation yesterday re Hip Hop and Black Inventors and Scientists. I found Michael Williams lecture to be very informative and was left with a desire to delve further into the subject. Having a 15 year old sister with an interest in the sciences, these networks and educational material are invaluable. Congratulations on a business model well desired and needed. - Daveena.O.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Michael Williams was asked to present a workshop for the 100BMOL ‘'BEING A BLACK MAN IN 21ST CENTURY LONDON' event on Saturday 1st October. I caught up with him and asked what workshop/presentation did you deliver.

They told me that my workshop theme would be ‘Turning a Lemon into Lemonade' – I first thought what! What do I know about that. Then I thought of course its really just a simile for turning an idea into a workable profitable business venture.

Well with this in mind I decided to deliver the workshop from the perspective of a Black Scientists & Inventors and focusing on IDEAS and the VALUE of your ideas. I tried to get the audience to believe that whatever they can conceive you can in fact achieve. I then went onto to show how black scientists and inventors ideas have gone onto make other people extremely wealthy and why it’s so important in the 21st century for African /African Caribbean people to get to grips with Intellectual Property (IP) laws and first learn how to protect their ideas.”

If you would like any of BIS Publication authors / speakers to present at your BHM events contact us now at:

What is African contribution to Science and Inventions past, present and future? - (22/09/11)

BIS Publications presented their Black Scientists & Inventors, What is Africa’s contribution to Science Past, Present and Future? event at the London Science Museum's Dana Centre.

The event featured 3 presentations from presenters Michael Williams who is an engineer, publisher and co author of the best-selling Black Scientists & Inventors series of books. Dr. Mark Richards a physicist, lecturer at Imperial College, and DJ also known as DJ Kemist and finally Leeroy Brown an engineer, driver and inventor of the portable electric combined car-jack and air pump.

All three delivered extremely inspiring presentations to a jam-packed audience at the Science Museum's Dana Centre.

Dr. Mark Richards started by reminding the audience that Imhotep the African from Egypt is the first recorded scientist. He then introduced the audience to one of the most popular topics scientists are currently raving about String Theory and simplified it so that all could understand. He went on to show us how African/Caribbean people are at the leading edge of this.

Leeroy Brown who in the late 90s had won the BBC's best inventions and the BBC’s Tomorrow's World best Inventors awards treated the audience at the Dana Centre to a world first preview of his new invention. The audience applauded with absolute praise and encouragement, when they saw his newly improved 2011 electric car jack and pump the room was electric.

Then Michael Williams who put together a marvellous number of video pieces of Black Scientists and Inventors from all over the world to put into context, the historic continual line of great inventors and inventions from Africa, Caribbean, America and the UK to the present day black scientists and inventors. Michael Williams finished his presentations with a look at a technological revolution scenario in Africa, which would see high speed magnetic rail from Cape Town to Cairo, irrigation systems which would fertilize deserts lands, renewable energy, and Africans using their natural resources to empower themselves and in turn help the rest of the world, Instead of outside nations appropriating African resources.

The question and answer session was equally good, the one notable question that kept coming up was what was/is the role black women played in science and invention. All three speakers agreed women’s contributions need to highlighted we need to award black children when they succeed in science. Michael Williams said ‘I have started this with a book I co-authored “Black Women Scientists & Inventors Vol 1”.

The only regret was that over 80+ people were not able to attend due the event being over-subscribed. The organiser said ‘this shows that it’s clear that people and black people in particular are keen to learn about the contributions that people of African descent in science and invention have made in the past and are presently making’.

All in all this was a great event, one that I hope can be repeated in the very near future. I think the work that BIS Publications are doing is absolutely amazing I am so proud of them I am glad that there is some one out there champing the contributions that people of African decent are making in science and technology.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

BIS Publications' 1 Day Self Publishing Boot Camp for African / African Caribbean Writers.

Learn How To Publish Your Own Book Successfully

Dear All,

I am posting this blog just to inform you about a number of writing and publishing courses which my company is running this autumn. You can see a list of these courses at: This starts on Friday September 30th first is entitled the BIS Publications' 1 Day Self Publishing Boot Camp for African / African Caribbean Writers.

  • The courses are designed for anyone who has written a book, in the process of writing a book or even has the thought of one day writing a book.
  • Don't want to waste their time waiting for a publisher to see the huge market potential of their book
  • Don't want to be told what content they can or can't have in their book
  • Want to write a Biography, Autobiography, Novel, Children’s Book, How To Do book, Training Manual, Cook Book etc.
  • Want to reap most of the profits from their work and not the publisher
  • Those in business who know that one of the best business card / marketing tools is a book
  • Those in business who sell products and services who know that a book can act as a sort of informative catalogue for their business
  • Trainers / consultants who would like to sell their training / consulting services in a book
  • Those who know that a book can be selling their product or services 24/7 around the world even whilst they sleep
  • Those in business who want a book as a complimentary product within their service or product range to sell
  • Those who want to increase their income streams and create excellent passive income.
If you or your business desires any of the aforementioned then the BIS Publications' 1 Day Self Publishing Boot Camp for African / African Caribbean Writers is for you.

The great financial teacher, author and creator of the business game Cash Flow Quadrant, Robert Kiyosaki says that his business is based around the game, but I’m better known for my books. The books are simply a marketing tool for my game.

If you don't already know this there has never been a better time in history for any individual to write and have their work published. Ten even five years ago what you can do now with very little you simply could not do then, but to do it successfully you need to have the right knowledge. Learn from those who have over 30 years of experience as both self publishing authors and publisher.

BIS Publications' 1 Day Self Publishing Boot Camp for African / African Caribbean Writers course has been purposely kept small as it is one of our practical hands on courses. It is our intention to empower attendees to be in the position to have their books published between October and the end of the year. With this in mind we urge you to book on the course NOW! whilst a few places a left. The great news is we are still offering early bird discounts, so book now to take advantage of it.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate in contacting me. (

Kindest Regards
Paul Walters

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The Top Ten Excuses People Use that Stop them from Writing and Publishing a Book that Could Make Them Money and or Enrich Other People's Lives

  1. I'm no good at English
  2. I can't spell
  3. No one wants to read my story
  4. Only clever and gifted people can write books
  5. People and especially my family will laugh at me
  6. I tried it before and it failed
  7. I don't have the money
  8. I don't have the time
  9. It's not the right time
  10. I'm not sure I'll do it next time
Please note that most of the people who end up never having their stories published and therefore read, say it's because of the above are reasons are why it hasn’t happened. Most of the people who have had their books published say its because I didn't use the above excuses.

Which side do you fall on, Reasons or Excuses either way both are right it just depends how much you really want something.

If you see the above as an excuse join us today at:

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

We wrote a small piece about the African contribution to the science and art of writing and publishing, it was posted on the OBV website back in July 2011. We just scraped the surface, but the reaction it received from a hater is interesting. Please visit:

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

UNESCO International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition.

Hi All,

I thought I would just remind you that August 23rd [Today]is UNESCO International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. Also for those of you who missed it, August 17th is the birth date of the Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey. I believe that August is a very important month to the human family in general and people of African decent in particular. It's my belief that there should be a public holiday to mark these two significant periods in human history. What's your thoughts?

Below I have included a small time-line of the Transatlantic enslavement period of African peoples. If you want more details and a copy of the time line I may make it available in an e-book format soon. Just let me know.

A great book available now that I would encouraged you to get, is John Agard's Equiano's Epigrams. Mr Agard gives an insight of what this period was like, he presents how this African [Olaudah Equiano] was made into a slave shipped from West Africa to the Caribbean then to England, and he once again became a free human being. Agards' book shows how Equiano wrote his autobiography and self published his book. How it went on to become a best-seller and was sold throughout the British Empire, USA and Europe. Please see Equiano's Epigrams in our catalogue section.


A Basic Time Line of The Transatlantic Enslavement Trade of Africans

- 1562 First English slaving expedition by Sir John Hawkins
- 1672 Royal Africa Company granted charter to carry Africans to the Americas
- 1772 The Somerset case held that no enslaved could be forcibly removed from - Britain. The case led to the widespread belief that slavery itself
was illegal in England, Wales and Ireland
- 1781 - 132 African enslaved people thrown overboard from the slave ship ‘Zong’
- 1787 Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade founded
- 1791 23rd August – St Domingue (Haiti) enslaved African people revolt
- 1807 25th March – Slave Trade Abolition Bill passed in the British Parliament
- 1819 British West Africa Squadron (Royal Navy) established to suppress slave trading. By 1865, nearly 150,000 people freed by anti-slavery operations
- 1838 1st August – All enslaved men, women and children in the Caribbean finally become free after a period of forced apprenticeship, following the passage
of the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833
- 1865 Slavery finally abolished in the United States territories
- 1888 Slavery abolished in Brazil

Friday, 19 August 2011

Nex Generation - Dekenu


I thought I would just let everyone know that the summer edition of the NEX Generation magazine is still out. For those of you who are not aware of the magazine, let me just give
you a quick history of its development.

Nex Generation magazine was first conceived by Dekenu Shepherd and his wife Pamela Lorde in 2003, whilst they were publishing Afrikan Business & Culture/ABAC magazine (formerly Black Business & Culture, launched in 2006). ABAC had one name change, which was to RISE. They published one edition, but due to the poor response they decided to cease publishing ABAC/RISE in December 2003.

The premier edition of Nex Generation was launched in the UK around January 2004. Hence, Nex Generation is NOT an extension of ABAC as many people often believe, it has always been a totally different product. Nex Generation places family at the centre, while ABAC placed culture/business at the centre.

In his own words Dekenu shares “While observing the social and economic demise of the African Caribbean community in the UK, the decision to relocate to Jamaica in March 2007, was taken after Pam and I explored the options of raising our two young children in Jamaica/Caribbean in 2006”.

Dekenu was born in the UK of Jamaican parentage, and is also a Jamaican citizen. His wife Pamela, was born in the UK of Barbadian parentage. They both recognised Jamaica, like much of the other Caribbean islands have much potential and business opportunities that those of us of African descent in the Diaspora, need to explore and exploit, like other ethnic groups.

Nex Generation now focuses on addressing critical issues affecting the Caribbean family development. For the first time the UK & USA, now have access to the Caribbean's first socially conscious magazine geared to empowering our families at home and abroad.

So that was my quick break down of its history and I must say I a pleased with Dekenu's and Pam's steadfastness and determination to continue producing the magazine in my humble opinion the UK black community still need his magazine and talent more than ever especially after what we witness over the last few weeks. In the next few weeks I will publish an interview with the editor Dekenu so he can give you the full inside story.

There are some great articles in this addition, It opens with one written by myself entitled Inspiring Our Young People Beyond Sports and Entertainment. It has other great pieces throughout such as one entitled Creating A Positive Home Learning Environment by David Simon. I recommend that you pick up a copy, unfortunately there is only a limited supply in the UK but you can pick up a copy from BIS Publications for £4.50 plus P&P. - do hurry just 10 left.

We are also looking for distributors for the magazine up and down the UK, if interested do contact me: 07903 791 469.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the BIS Publications' blog pages.
I hope you will join us here regularly where we hope to keep you updated about:

  • Our new publications
  • Events such as our Readers are Leaders events
  • Courses such as our 1 Day Intensive course for African Caribbean Writers who want to Self Publish Successfully
  • General information and updates about the publishing, book and creative industries
You can also order our books both printed and e-books from this blog, register to join our offline and online courses, you can join our online book club and read about our authors.

For now just pass the Information and extend the Knowledge!

Next BIS Publications Event

BIS Publications will be giving a presentation on
The Life and Times of Olaudah Equiano
For the Black Workers Support Group Commemoration Day Workshop

Venue & Date:
Hyde Room, York House
Richmond Upon Thames
Tuesday 23rd August
12pm to 2pm

What is the African Contribution To Science Past, Present and Future?

  • Dr. Mark Richards, DJ and Lecturer in the Department of Physics, Imperial College London
  • Leeroy Brown, winner of the Inventor Consumer Award at the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World Awards
  • Michael Williams, engineer, publisher and author of the best-selling book series Black Scientists and Inventors

Michael Williams

The Science Museums' Dana Centre.
Thursday 22nd September 2011
Time 7pm to 9pm
Fee: Free, but you must register your attendance