Friday, 19 May 2017

Black Scientists & Inventors Book 7

Wow.... our team at BIS Publications and Black Scientists & Inventors work around the clock with the goal of independently producing the best quality educational resources by people African descent, about people of African descent and for people of African descent in particular and all others in general. We continue reaching for the STARS with a solid BELIEF that the skies are not the limit, our only limits are the SELF LIMITING BELIEFS we decide to accept and hold onto in our MINDS.

That said with your help we intend to change the self limiting mindset that some of our young people and old have with a positive self knowing and doing mindset! We believe that this can be done by presenting the amazing life changing stories found in the international best-selling Black Scientists & Inventors series.

If you to would like to help us INSPIRE both young and old to ASPIRE to be all that they can be through the amazing HIDDEN stories of Black Scientists & Inventors, then please buy the books and tell as many people as possible about what we are doing, our titles and share this website.

Many thanks and finally, I'm pleased to announce the publication of:

Black Scientists & Inventors Book 7 

 Order your copies now.