Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Michael Williams was asked to present a workshop for the 100BMOL ‘'BEING A BLACK MAN IN 21ST CENTURY LONDON' event on Saturday 1st October. I caught up with him and asked what workshop/presentation did you deliver.

They told me that my workshop theme would be ‘Turning a Lemon into Lemonade' – I first thought what! What do I know about that. Then I thought of course its really just a simile for turning an idea into a workable profitable business venture.

Well with this in mind I decided to deliver the workshop from the perspective of a Black Scientists & Inventors and focusing on IDEAS and the VALUE of your ideas. I tried to get the audience to believe that whatever they can conceive you can in fact achieve. I then went onto to show how black scientists and inventors ideas have gone onto make other people extremely wealthy and why it’s so important in the 21st century for African /African Caribbean people to get to grips with Intellectual Property (IP) laws and first learn how to protect their ideas.”

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