Friday, 16 September 2011

The Top Ten Excuses People Use that Stop them from Writing and Publishing a Book that Could Make Them Money and or Enrich Other People's Lives

  1. I'm no good at English
  2. I can't spell
  3. No one wants to read my story
  4. Only clever and gifted people can write books
  5. People and especially my family will laugh at me
  6. I tried it before and it failed
  7. I don't have the money
  8. I don't have the time
  9. It's not the right time
  10. I'm not sure I'll do it next time
Please note that most of the people who end up never having their stories published and therefore read, say it's because of the above are reasons are why it hasn’t happened. Most of the people who have had their books published say its because I didn't use the above excuses.

Which side do you fall on, Reasons or Excuses either way both are right it just depends how much you really want something.

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