Saturday, 29 October 2011

BIS Publications' Presents Gifted Hands

I attended this event (21/10/11) and it's a brilliant film based on a true story! Very inspiring! I identify with his mother, I implore everyone to see this film or read the book! We had a good Q & A after and I met some lovely people there! Please support this company doing valuable work! Thank you Michael for such an informative and enjoyable event! Well done! - Audrey Ennever (Educational Consultant).

Information about Dr. Ben Carson can also be found in the Black Scientists & Inventors Book 3 .

Saturday, 22 October 2011

BIS Publications Presents Screening and Presentation of Gifted Hands- the Ben Carson Story

On Friday 21st October we screened the excellent film Gifted Hands. This film is extremely a positive inspirational and motivational film. The film is a biography of one of the worlds leading neurosurgeons Dr. Ben Carson. Dr. Carson also features in Michael Williams' best-selling Black Scientists and Inventors. If you want to know more our about him and other great black scientists, inventors, engineers and healers purchase a copy from the series at:

Hip Hop Black Scientists & Inventors at Congress House - TUC

Dues to the huge success of the Hip Hop Black Scientist and Inventors we repeated the event a week later (19th October 2011) but this time in conjunction with SERTUC at the TUC. Once again the event went extremely well. The feedback we received from the audience was great.


Hi all, Went to my first BIS event last night - brilliant. If you get the chance, take it and attend. Michael is very inspiring and knows his stuff with regard to science and inventors. The info given out about these (mostly unknown) scientists and inventors was amazing. - Avril

Friday, 14 October 2011

HIP HOP Black Scientists & Inventors

The HIP HOP Black Scientists & Inventors event was a huge success even with some technical problems we had a the beginning. Due to popular demand we will be presenting this event again during this Black History Month. So if you missed it the first time around or would like to attend it again, please stay tuned. You can also email us to let us know that you would like to come along to the next one at


I attended the presentation yesterday re Hip Hop and Black Inventors and Scientists. I found Michael Williams lecture to be very informative and was left with a desire to delve further into the subject. Having a 15 year old sister with an interest in the sciences, these networks and educational material are invaluable. Congratulations on a business model well desired and needed. - Daveena.O.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Michael Williams was asked to present a workshop for the 100BMOL ‘'BEING A BLACK MAN IN 21ST CENTURY LONDON' event on Saturday 1st October. I caught up with him and asked what workshop/presentation did you deliver.

They told me that my workshop theme would be ‘Turning a Lemon into Lemonade' – I first thought what! What do I know about that. Then I thought of course its really just a simile for turning an idea into a workable profitable business venture.

Well with this in mind I decided to deliver the workshop from the perspective of a Black Scientists & Inventors and focusing on IDEAS and the VALUE of your ideas. I tried to get the audience to believe that whatever they can conceive you can in fact achieve. I then went onto to show how black scientists and inventors ideas have gone onto make other people extremely wealthy and why it’s so important in the 21st century for African /African Caribbean people to get to grips with Intellectual Property (IP) laws and first learn how to protect their ideas.”

If you would like any of BIS Publication authors / speakers to present at your BHM events contact us now at:

What is African contribution to Science and Inventions past, present and future? - (22/09/11)

BIS Publications presented their Black Scientists & Inventors, What is Africa’s contribution to Science Past, Present and Future? event at the London Science Museum's Dana Centre.

The event featured 3 presentations from presenters Michael Williams who is an engineer, publisher and co author of the best-selling Black Scientists & Inventors series of books. Dr. Mark Richards a physicist, lecturer at Imperial College, and DJ also known as DJ Kemist and finally Leeroy Brown an engineer, driver and inventor of the portable electric combined car-jack and air pump.

All three delivered extremely inspiring presentations to a jam-packed audience at the Science Museum's Dana Centre.

Dr. Mark Richards started by reminding the audience that Imhotep the African from Egypt is the first recorded scientist. He then introduced the audience to one of the most popular topics scientists are currently raving about String Theory and simplified it so that all could understand. He went on to show us how African/Caribbean people are at the leading edge of this.

Leeroy Brown who in the late 90s had won the BBC's best inventions and the BBC’s Tomorrow's World best Inventors awards treated the audience at the Dana Centre to a world first preview of his new invention. The audience applauded with absolute praise and encouragement, when they saw his newly improved 2011 electric car jack and pump the room was electric.

Then Michael Williams who put together a marvellous number of video pieces of Black Scientists and Inventors from all over the world to put into context, the historic continual line of great inventors and inventions from Africa, Caribbean, America and the UK to the present day black scientists and inventors. Michael Williams finished his presentations with a look at a technological revolution scenario in Africa, which would see high speed magnetic rail from Cape Town to Cairo, irrigation systems which would fertilize deserts lands, renewable energy, and Africans using their natural resources to empower themselves and in turn help the rest of the world, Instead of outside nations appropriating African resources.

The question and answer session was equally good, the one notable question that kept coming up was what was/is the role black women played in science and invention. All three speakers agreed women’s contributions need to highlighted we need to award black children when they succeed in science. Michael Williams said ‘I have started this with a book I co-authored “Black Women Scientists & Inventors Vol 1”.

The only regret was that over 80+ people were not able to attend due the event being over-subscribed. The organiser said ‘this shows that it’s clear that people and black people in particular are keen to learn about the contributions that people of African descent in science and invention have made in the past and are presently making’.

All in all this was a great event, one that I hope can be repeated in the very near future. I think the work that BIS Publications are doing is absolutely amazing I am so proud of them I am glad that there is some one out there champing the contributions that people of African decent are making in science and technology.