Friday, 23 November 2012

BIS Publishing Courses

1- Day Intensive Self Publishing Course For African /African Caribbean Writers 
Who Want To Self Publish Successfully! 
 How To Market Your Book & Create The Demand! 


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Monday, 22 October 2012

Marlo At Her Book Launch With Her Son Daniel (Dew Drop)

Marlo Webster who attended the BIS Publications' 1 Day Intensive Course For African / African Caribbean Writers Who Want To Self Publish Successfully during 2011 and the BIS Publications' How To Market Your Book And Create The Demand in 2012 publishes her first children's book entitle Dew Drop, a story inspired by her son Daniel.

Marlo At Her Book Launch With Husband Glendon        
Marlo's                       BookSigning                 
Marlo At Her Book Launch With Sam Amalemba (Author of Becoming)

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Author who attended the BIS Publishing Courses
self publishes his first book and sell out of books at his first book launch

Friday, 30 March 2012

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Encyclopaedia Britannica To End Print Edition, Go Completely Digital

Lots happening in the book industry, Encyclopaedia Britannia goes digital. These books will no longer be printed in paper form. Learn how self publishing authors can benefitfrom changes in the publishing industry visit:

For more information Encyclopaedia Britannia goes digital see:

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Asidu Abudu Talented Ghanaian Inventor

People with Great Minds talk about IDEAS
People with Average Minds talk about Events
People with Small Minds talk about other People

Read and Develop Your Mind!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Self Publishing E- Book

Great News for those who want to pick up a very inexpensive book on publishing, we are selling our new e-book on self publishing for just £1.97 yes just £1.97. Why not order your copy today at:

The BIS Publications' Christmas / Pre Kwanzaa Book Launch 

The BIS Publications' Christmas / Pre Kwanzaa Book Launch on December 17th 2011 was a major success. Both Natasha John-Baptise and Solabomi Conteh launched their books Maiza & Matura Meets Alexander Miles: The Inventor and Tasty Tropical Treats respectively.

Those who attended found that it was a great way to start their festive season. It was a great afternoon which was enjoyed by both individuals and families. Solabomi Conteh entertained the audience with song, rhyme and not forgetting a taste of her tasty tropical foods. With emphasise placed particularly on African & African Caribbean foods and music it made us all feel as though Solabomi brought the Caribbean and Africa to Hackney Central library.

Natasha John-Baptise captivated the children by taking them to history land to meet the great black inventor Alexander Miles; as she engaged them, Alexander Miles suddenly appeared from the back of the audience. He walked briskly to the front to introduce himself and his invention after he finished he handed the presentation back to Natasha and disappeared (although not literally). Natasha's presentation was both entertaining, fun and educational.

Both Maiza & Matura Meets Alexander Miles: The Inventor and Tasty Tropical Treats books are available now at and are must haves for children.

BIS Publications also gave space to the children to express their talents to the audience and they were not disappointed. Oleander and Toyin's ten year old daughter Infinity who has recently written and published her own book. Told her story of why and how she wrote the book, it was very inspiring and moving. Infinity's story motivated the adult wannabe authors to start writing.

Then there was 6 year old Joshua who has a reading age of any fluent reading adult. Joshua was recently in the national papers for his reading achievements as he has recently won awards from Oxford University.

We ended in the usual BIS Publications fashion with everyone acknowledging in song that our children are our future. All in all it was a beautiful day enjoyed by all.

See more pictures here: 

The Lovers Rock Story Premières at: The Oak Room High Wycombe

On December 20th 2011 BIS Publications worked in conjunction with OriginAsali to screen a High Wycombe première of the film The Story of Lovers Rock. It was a brilliant evening, Good vibes, Good people and it definitely brought back the 'Love'. To all those who attended their feedback of the film and the evening has been truly fantastic! They can't wait for the next OriginAsili/BIS Publications event. Watch this Space....