Wednesday 27 April 2022

The best-selling Black Scientists & Inventors series !

Dr Thomas Mensah of Corning Glass, one of the group of inventors of the fibre optic cable. The 'Mensah Technique' is used for manufacturing fibre optics which has ushered in  both the Internet Super Highway and Industry 4.0.  Mensah's contribution has allowed as to have super high speed internet connection to enjoy social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, plus many others.

Bertin Nahum and Dr Thomas Mensah featured in Black Scientists & Inventors Books 6 &7 can be seen in the above photo.

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GROUND-BREAKING' : Black Scientists and Inventors in the UK: Millenniums of Inventions and Innovations


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Tuesday 9 November 2021

INDUSTRY 4.0 - the Replay!

Join us every Wednesday from November 3rd to December 22nd, 7pm(GMT) to 8.45(GMT), Via Zoom.

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Industry 4.0 Event:

INDUSTRY 4.0 the Replay!

Join the Kemtology and Black Scientists Inventors’ team for INDUSTRY 4.0 the Replay.

The extremely popular series of presentations which ran during summer 2021 are back. Based on our aftermath survey we conducted during September 2021, 99% of you who completed it, expressed that you’d like to see the Industry 4.0 summer season run again. Moreover, the vast majority of you who attended said; the sessions were extremely valuable and even though they were free, you would have been happy in paying for the empowering information which was presented during the seven weeks. So, we listened to you and so decided to replay the Industry 4.0 Summer season again this November.

If you missed it the first time around, do not miss the re-run. These one-off sessions have to be seen to be appreciated. The world is changing at a rapid speed, and for some it's an exciting time, but for others, a frightening stressful one, there will be winners and losers. Make sure you place yourself and your family in a winning position by acquiring the right knowledge now.

We have limited space, so we will register on a first come first serve basis. (make sure you’re not one of the woulda, coulda, shoulda’s!)


"This was great but I wish more young people would attend as these changes will affect them more."

"The international presenter link-up over the seven or so weeks was a great idea, I learned so so much. The cost for this would have cost me a fortune had I had to pay for it at a college or Uni."

"It was an eye-opening experience"

"thank you for organizing this event"

"I love the work you guys do, you are always ahead of the curve."

Join us every Wednesday from November 3rd to December 22nd, 7pm(GMT) to 8.45(GMT), Via Zoom.

Monday 30 November 2020

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