Monday, 5 October 2015

Summer 2015 with BIS Publications - How we spent it!

Thursday 24th September 2015 was the final of the BIS Publications' summer presentations at City Hall the Mayor's Office. 

The presentation on the 24th was titled 'SUCCESS RUNS IN OUR RACE: The Contributions of Black Women Scientists & Inventors'.
The organisers (BIS Publications, and The Power of Definition Arts ) only after the event realised that this was the first time an event on the topic had ever taken place in the UK. Michael Williams the author and co-author of several popular books in particular the international best-selling Black Scientists & Inventors series and Ama Duah co-author of Simply The Best delivered this ground-breaking presentation to a full house. Many of the women they spoke about in their presentations were taken from Williams' book Black Women Scientists & Inventors.

Ama Duah aka A.A.D. drops science-poetry, metaphysics+plus, at Success Runs in Our Race  on 24th September @ City Hall, London.

Monday 17th August marked 128 years since the passing of the most Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, so it was quite fitting that on that day BIS Publications along with and TPODA celebrated his life and legacy with a presentation at City Hall. The title of the presentation was 'Marcus Garvey on STEM, Economics and Education'

This presentation was delivered by Michael Williams who touched on many aspects of Garvey's life and the environment and conditions which made a Marcus Garvey. In the presentation Williams also touched on the great industrial educator Booker T. Washington and scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs such as Madam C.J. Walker, George Washing Carver and Granville T. Woods. This presentation was delivered to a very full house.

Michael Williams drops science about Marcus Garvey & others to an engrossed audience on  August 17th @ City Hall, London.

The Most Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Monday 13th July marked the very first of three BIS summer series of presentations at London's City Hall. This presentations was entitled 'Do Sexism, Racism, White Privilege & White Supremacy exist in Britain Today?' This was delivered by Alan Sharp, the author of the controversial and popular book 'Changing Generations: Challenging Power & Oppression in Britain Today', published by BIS Publications. 

Speaking to those that attended this presentation many said that they came simply because they were intrigued by both the title and the presenter. Their initial thoughts when they saw the advertisement for the event was what can a white man teach me about white supremacy? By the end of the presentation most of those who attended said they have never heard a white man before Sharp talk about white supremacy the way he did. They said “...his analysis was very honest, well researched and concluded correctly...” After his presentation his books flew off the table.

Alan Sharp breaks down what white supremacy is and how  Africans, Asians, women and even some white folk are kept down by racism and a system of white supremacy. July 13th @ City Hall, London.

The audience listen attentively to Sharp's presentation.

At the end of the summer series I asked BIS why did you put on these events?

we want people to realise that there is a abundance of resources pertaining to the black experience both in the UK and around the world for schools, colleges and universities available, to be frank we are sick and tired hearing teachers say they can't get hold of material celebrating the contributions people of African descent have made.”

They went on to say

we hope that this Black History Month we don't hear that, and that schools will invest some of their money in books on the black contribution in particular the ground-breaking title 'BlackScientists & Inventors in the UK: Millenniums of Inventions &Innovations' and therefore not teaching children a small part of history but teaching them the whole story.”

The team at BIS, BS& and TPODA would like to thank all of those who came along and volunteered their services, Jeanette Arnold's office, the technicians, the presenters, but most of all the audience who kept coming to each of the three BIS Publications' Summer Events.

If you would the BIS team to deliver a presentation at your school, college, church etc please contact us via: