Tuesday, 8 September 2015

To Shoot Hard Labour: The Life and Times of Samuel Smith, an Antiguan Workingman 1877-1982 

Author: Keithlyn and Fernando Smith
Pages: 172
Age: 14 to 100 years. 

I want you to write down exactly what I'm telling you if you do the people will see how far down in the mud we come from. This generation will take care of what is happening to them. I hope that the day will never come again when our people have to suffer the indignity like my generation and others have to. I am here to watch and see until the Lord takes me home.” - Samuel Smith 1877- 1982

This book is but the only publication that contains first-hand information from a black person specifically on pre-emancipation as well as post-emancipation history. Samuel Smith, an Antiguan, was born in 1877 at a time when people of African heritage in the Caribbean were struggling to make a living. Towards the close of his life in the 1970s, he related the many stories to his grandsons Keithlyn and Fernando. The book is written in the way former enslaved Africans communicated in the colonies, and is about Samuel Smith’s life and times (1877-1982). - Arthur Torrington CBE.

'...If you want to have a good understanding of what enslavement and the early years of emancipation was really like in the Caribbean then this book is a must have and read.' - Michael Williiams.
RRP: £9.99

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