Monday, 8 August 2016

The Marcus Mosiah Garvey – Fun with Science Workshop Day

Due to popular demand we are extremely pleased to announce the "Celebrate the 129 th birthday of the Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey with 'Fun with Science Workshop Day"

At the launch of the Black Scientists & Inventors Book 6 it was brought to our attention that many parents would welcome us do a science and history workshop day for them and their children. Well when we heard that we wasted no time in putting it together and we thought it would be fitting to deliver it on the same day as Marcus Garvey's 129th birthday which is August 17th.
Garvey was an advocate for black people to develop themselves in the sciences, learn their history and develop businesses and teach their children to become captains of industry.

It's my belief that science and business are more Important today to the world in general and to black people in particular. These are two areas that I think if black children avoid in this 21st century it will be with great peril.

Join us to hear about the great work of Marcus Garvey and learn about his thoughts on science, inventions and business. Also get involved in some of our hands-on science workshops, learn about some great black inventors, learn to code in two computer languages and pick up some great learning resources .

We are encouraging all parents to join us at the event workshop on the 17th August 2016 Please take advantage of the early bird fee by registering today and give your child that head-start that they need.

Up you mighty people you can accomplish what you WILL.


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