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Black Scientists & Inventors in the UK: Millenniums of Inventions & Innovations Book 5 A Must HAVE! 

Author: Michael Williams and Manyonyi Amalemba
Pages: 380
Age: 14 to 100 years. 

This Is the first comprehensive study of the black (African) contribution in science and technology in particular and other contributions in general to Britain (UK). It's an epic story that starts in Africa, the cradle of civilization and later moves directly to Britain (and also to Britain via the Caribbean diaspora). Williams and Amalemba uncovers one of the world's best-kept historical secrets, that Africans were inventing and building civilizations across the British isles from as early as 8000 BCE, and they continue to do so to this present day.

RRP: £18.99
Changing Generations: Challenging Power & Oppression in Britain Today.

Authors: Alan Sharp

Pages: 337
Age: 16 to 100 years. 

This book is really about white people. It gives the other side of the story, how Black and Asian people and women feel about what white men do to them on a daily basis and how they want them to put wrong things right, in UK and the world. And it looks at the barriers that white people put up, whether they realise it or not, to keep power over Black and Asian people.

RRP: £14.99

IN SEARCH OF DESTINY:Returning To Mother 

Author: Sonia Lye-Fook, 

Pages: 134, 
Age: All years 

About The Book: Sonia's journey from Jamaica, her challenges in England and her repatriation to Africa. How she wouldn't believe the lies, negative images or ideas portrayed about Africa and her people. How she found her TRUTH How she shared a dream with husband Byron on returning to Africa, & why they chose Ghana Her challenges when relocating, the strength and determination she learnt she had, through her journey.

RRP: £8.99

BECOMING: A Collection of Short Stories of a Boyhood

Authors: Sam Amalemba
Pages: 153
Age: 10 to 100 years
This book is full of short excerpts about my life growing up in Kenya and England. The main aim of my sharing these little excerpts is to show a variety of experiences that touched and moulded me and that have had great impact on my adult life.

RRP: £9.99


Author: Mbeke Wasame, 

Pages: 78

Age: All years 

About The Book: Make the changes and feel the joy provides simple guidelines for organizing yourself for change. In a world where it seems that so many people understand the rudiments of communication, networking, decision making and goal setting, here stands a book that explains these in simple easy to follow chapters. In her capacity as teacher, trainer and executive coach, Mbeke has supported and empowered many people to make these changes. People from ages 18-70 who all now have these skills and who are making wiser decisions for their career changes as a result. Make the Changes and Feel the Joy!

RRP: £7.99


Author: Chimaijem Ifeanyi Ezechukwu, 

Pages: 170, 

Age: Teenagers & Adults 

About The Book: Mac Logan is a man with a very dark past. He was once an educated cop. He’s now an expendable P.I. called Jarrett. The story begins when he is assigned to investigate a series of muggings happening in town by his new boss and friend Derek Hawke. Logan journeys back to England where he has another encounter with an old enemy. A notorious crook called Quentin ‘the Rat’ Baker. So when the expendable PI uncovers the man’s secret he equally unveils the vicious and faceless criminal network responsible for the abrupt murders he sets out to investigate.

RRP: £9.99

The Misappropriation of Hip Hop: Resurrecting the Eternal Principle of Hip Hop's Spiritual Significance.

Author: DJ Fingers
Pages: 104
Age: 10 to 100

The Misappropriation Of Hip-Hop" is a new book by legendary UK Hip-Hop DJ & Producer Karl Gibson AKA DJ Fingers of the Sindecut. All Illustrations are by The Kool Skool's Shucks One ID.

This book is intended to find answers to a question that has persistently recurred in the conversations of Hip-Hop aficionados. That is, whether Hip-Hop has been misappropriated.

RRP: £8.99

To Shoot Hard Labour: The Life and Times of Samuel Smith, an Antiguan Workingman 1877-1982  

Author: Keithlyn and Fernando Smith
Pages: 172
Age: 14 to 100 years. 

I want you to write down exactly what I'm telling you if you do the people will see how far down in the mud we come from. This generation will take care of what is happening to them. I hope that the day will never come again when our people have to suffer the indignity like my generation and others have to. I am here to watch and see until the Lord takes me home.” - Samuel Smith 1877

This book is but the only publication that contains first-hand information from a black person specifically on pre-emancipation as well as post-emancipation history. Samuel Smith, an Antiguan, was born in 1877 at a time when people of African heritage in the Caribbean were struggling to make a living. Towards the close of his life in the 1970s, he related the many stories to his grandsons Keithlyn and Fernando. The book is written in the way former enslaved Africans communicated in the colonies, and is about Samuel Smith’s life and times (1877-1982). - Arthur Torrington CBE.

'...If you want to have a good understanding of what enslavement and the early years of emancipation was really like in the Caribbean then this book is a must have and read.' - Michael Williiams.
RRP: £9.99

Now You Know: The Memoirs of Allan Charles Wilmot. - A Must READ! 

Author: Allan Wilmot, 
Pages: 134,
Age: 14 to 100 years. 

Allan Charles Wilmot’s Memoirs are a must read, as they contain a summary of his life in 1920s Kingston, Jamaica and his volunteering in 1941 for service in the Royal Navy during WWII. He resigned from RN in 1943 and volunteered for service in the Royal Air Force’s air-sea rescue unit. After WWII ended in 1945, Allan was demobbed in 1946 to Jamaica, but after a year on the island he was back in London, England. There he had a number of jobs before joining a male singing quartet (The Southlanders) that dominated the music scene in Britain and Europe during the 1950s and 1960s.
RRP: £14.99

Equiano's Daughter: The Life of & Times of Joanna Vassa
Joanna Vassa was the only surviving child of the former enslaved African and anti-slavery campaigner Olaudah Equiano, also known as Gustavus Vassa. Her grave has recently been rediscovered in Abney Park Cemetery, Hackney, London.

Author: Angelina Osborne, PhD.
Pages: 31 pages
Ages: 12 – 100.

Equiano's Daughter: The Life of & Times of Joanna Vassa by Dr Angelina Osborne. In a book which adds another ripple in the trail to discover more about Equiano; it honours the legacy of the relentless journey of an abolitionist and the journey to discover what happened to his surviving daughter Joanna following his death on the 31st March 1797. Equiano's book, ‘The Interesting Narrative’ was first published in 1789, went into nine editions before he died, and was a best-seller. Dr Osborne's book is the first major attempt at constructing an account of Equiano's life and that of his daughter in 19th century England.
RRP: £6.50

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