Book Club

 Welcome to the BIS Publications' Book Club

Once a month we will recommend two books written by people of African decent. One for adult readers and the other for children. As we are based in the UK we will start first promoting books by UK writers.

This month (August/September) for adults we start with the Adventures of An Economic Migrant by entrepreneur and author Tony Wade. For children age 5 to 9 we start with Kwaku & His Hearing Aid by teacher and author Darren Meade.

We will share comments online at this blog, our face book page and you can follow us on twitter. We also arrange meeting up to discuss books at a location within the UK.


  1. How do I join? Simply by contacting us and expressing that you want to join and then purchasing the book(s).
  1. Who can join? Anyone from any part of the world.

    Join us today, purchase the books and become a fan on our face book page.
Kind Regards
Sarah J Rogers & Paul Walters
Book Club Co-ordinators


The Adventures Of An Economic Migrant
The Adventures of an Economic Migrant is an intriguing story of how one Caribbean migrant overcame innumerable odds to establish one of the most successful black enterprises in Britain. Migrating from his homeland of Montserrat in the 1950s, a time when racism was widespread and gaining acceptance in an environment hostile to nonwhite immigrants seemed nearly impossible. Tony Wade proved to all that it was indeed possible and this autobiography serves as a testament to his experiences. -£12.99


Kwaku and His Hearing Aid
This is the first title in a new series of books. The theme throughout the Kwaku series is to show a positive portrayal of the African Caribbean family, its traditional and modern values. Kwaku and His Hearing Aid tackle the issues of hearing impairment, how it can affect a child and the child’s learning. This book is aimed at children from 5 upwards.-  £5.99